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05 500; Getting several network U codes after throttle body replacement

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05 500; Getting several network U codes after throttle body replacement

Post by cmn.jcs » Mon Jul 15, 2019 8:54 pm


I initially had an issue with my Five Hundred (186k) that seemed basically identical to these issues:

https://www.myfordfreestyle.com/forums/ ... php?t=4496

At the start of the issue, I was getting the P061B and P2106 codes, but no others (at least that Advance Auto Parts could tell me about). Based on advice here and elsewhere, I cleaned the throttle body, with no luck. I then replaced the throttle body with a reman part, and still no improvement. I did another run with the scanner and got the following codes:

U0100 - Lost Communication With Powertrain Control Module
U0001 - High Speed CAN Communication Bus
U0101 - Lost Communication With Transmission Control Module
U0121 - Lost Communication With The Anti-lock Brake System Control Module
U1900 - CAN Communication Bus Fault

These all seem to have communications errors in common, so I wonder if I messed up something when I did the throttle body cleaning. Specifically, based on this post, I had cleaned the connectors lying under the air tube going from the MAF to the throttle body, and sprayed it with MAF cleaner. Is it possible I just screwed up my car?

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