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2013 PI No Radio Display (But Radio Works!)

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2013 PI No Radio Display (But Radio Works!)

Post by shreksbrother » Fri Mar 08, 2019 9:52 am


New to the forum (and recently purchased a 2013 PI, 12k miles).

When I purchased the PI, the battery was completely dead. I jumped and have been driving it fine the last couple of days (so I think the battery is OK). Everything seems good on the car so far, but the radio is not working... Well, I thought it wasn't. I pulled and tested the fuse, and when I reinstalled it, the radio began working... Just not the display. Everything seems functional on the radio (I can tune, set memory, etc), but I cannot see what I am doing, so it's kind of useless. Plus I have no clock or temp display, which is kind of annoying.

In researching the issue on this forum, I saw one reference that it was possible to code out the display due to some police configurations. If that was done, would the radio still work? I want to add remote start, so I ordered the VXDiagtool, hood pin, and remote keys... Point being is that if this is something coded, I should be able to adjust it... If I know what flag to set to make the change???

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Many thanks, Adam.

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