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AC Temp sensor wonky, any ideas?

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AC Temp sensor wonky, any ideas?

Post by mymangochutney » Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:51 pm

My compressor cycles every 10 seconds, thought it was a refrigerant leak, but a pressure test and replacement didn't find issues.

The mechanic hooked up a scan tool, and the evaporator temp keeps quickly jumping from -1C to 5C (30-40f) even when the air is hot, then shutting off the compressor.

We got an error from the IPC (invalid data)


My guess is a bad sensor, but I guess it could be a bad computer.

Is it possible to take out the glovebox and add a resistor or is that only on other cars? I'm not wanting to spend $1k in labor (Canada) to remove the dash!

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