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Brakelight Bulb confusion

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Brakelight Bulb confusion

Post by taurus1 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:27 pm

This is a follow-up to "Layer of water in tail light".
When I went to replace the double filament brake light bulb the owners manual said the correct bulb is a 3057k.
The bulb that I took out was a 3057k.
All of the auto stores and online sites say the correct bulb for the 2012 Ford Taurus is a 3157.
They also say the 3057k doesn't fit the 2012 Ford Taurus!
Looking further into it, there is a varying opinion on line whether the 3057k and 3157 are completely interchangeable. If they are interchangeable or exactly the same, why do they still make both bulb types and why do they say the 3057k doesn't fit? When I purchased the bulb at the auto store both numbers were the same lumen. They looked the same.
I decided to go with the 3057 (it did not have the "k" after it) and it seems to be working fine.

Since I wasn't sure if I needed a new socket I also looked into the availability and found 2 different types listed for the 2012 Ford Taurus. One has the wires attached directly to the socket (which is the way mine is) and the other has a connector clip right at the socket to make the change more easily. Fortunately I did not need to replace the socket.
If I ever have to replace a socket it might be easier to replace the entire 3 socket harness.
However it is not apparent to me what kind of connector is at the end that connects to the trunk wire. I would appreciate anyone who has done this to let me know.

I emptied all of the water out of the tail light and tried to dry it out with a hair dryer. I used clear silicone around the perimeter to try to seal out the water and hope this works.

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Re: Brakelight Bulb confusion

Post by Webmaster » Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:20 am

When comparing automotive bulbs like these it’s not lumens that matter, it’s watts. Two different bulb part numbers that both fit can have different draws, one can melt plastic lamp housings. I’d put in whatever part # bulb that the owners manual says to use.
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