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500 fog light installation.

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500 fog light installation.

Post by Hydra451 » Thu May 17, 2018 8:29 pm

Recently bought my 07 500 and upon doing a thorough inspection and Todo list I found that my bumper has the appropriate holes open and available for fog lights. I cannot find reliable guides or videos detailing how to DIY install and wire up some fogs. Also there don't seem to be any all in one kits for the job, can anyone help me find the right place for parts or a guide detailing how to wire it up correctly and how to integrate the fogs to an OEM switch without interior modification?

Also if anyone has helpful info for matinence and upkeep on the vehicle please feel free to leave a comment. This is my first newer car( jump from a 2000 to 2007) has 164k on the odometer.
Has the F21 aisin Trans and planned to do a drain and fill here soon with some Type T-IV as it sounds like that might be the best matched ATF.
Planned to use Mobil 1 extended 5w30(Michigan winter 0 to summer 90s)and matching brand filter for an oil change also.
Want to mod and install a cabin air filter as seen on these forums actually
Which tires would be better for it too? The 17 or 18inch?

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