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07 Taurus parasitic battery drain

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07 Taurus parasitic battery drain

Post by joaa » Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:38 am

Friends car I went to get off the highway where it had died. It took about 2 hours to get to it with the trailer and then it started and drove up onto the trailer.
Got it home and the next day the battery was dead so I jumped it and got it to my shop. I disconnected the neg side of the battery and put an amp meter inline and it shows 7 amps draw. I pulled fuses until I pulled #37 in the interior fuse box and draw went to nothing.
First thing I put the car windows down and took the key out and then hooked the battery up for ten minutes and then disconnected it again so that the auto lights and everything should of been off.
Then I crawled through the window and pulled fuses till the amp meter dropped to 0. Fuse #37 autolamp GEM fuse. I noticed the lights on the door switches were still on when I put #37 back in and had 7 amp draw again.
So here's where I'm wondering why did it die then restart without a jump and now its showing a draw (alt disconnected) and the battery ends up dead??? Could the ignition switch be telling the GEM system the key is still on? Bad GEM drain the battery enough to kill the engine then the battery recharge itself enough to start again? ANY IDEAS PLEASE and thank you.

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