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Post by Dougboffl » Wed Apr 25, 2018 10:42 am

I dropped back in to this thread yesterday and saw some newer posts, most notably Enigma-2's. I decided to investigate/confirm further:
1. I re-traced my FordProtect link, which back in August 2017 was an HTTP-type (not HTTPS secure). However it is now an HTTPS and is linked directly from Ford.com. Further, I opened a chat line in Ford.com and confirmed FordProtect.ford.com is the legitimate extended warranty site. Excerpt from Ford chat: "Brittany says: I can confirm that www.fordprotect.ford.com is our official website for our Ford Protect Extended Service Plans. You can begin the process of obtaining a Ford Protect plan on the website or at any Ford dealership. The website www.esp.ford.com is no longer our active extended warranty website." And FWIW, the site www.ESP.Ford.com is no longer an HTTPS site but now HTTP (not secure) although I did not load that page. Enigma-2's intel may be out of date now even thought he posted it March 2018.

2. I do not know much about newer coolants but seems the old zombie-green stuff was replaced by Ford in 2002 with the yellow and that was replaced in 2011 with orange (Dex-Cool). This Valvoline chart ends in 2015
http://adongroup.com/valvoline-tt/z-121 ... 15_page_2/
however the on-line 2018 Taurus O&M still calls for the orange VC-3DIL-B.

In Enigma-2's case I'm not sure when/why the coolant was swapped orange to green and told it will last 30k miles? It would seem most recently yellow (G-05) has been replaced with orange (Dex-Cool). I know there are some internet concerns with Dex-Cool orange but the OEMs are apparently still specifying it.

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