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Sync software update.

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Sync software update.

Post by seandevero » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:16 pm

I have tried and failed many times to update sync. I did find instructions in another ford forum regarding install since so many attempts have not worked. These instructions worked for me on my 2013 police sedan and if you have sync "not sync with My Ford Touch" this should work for you.
Register car at www.owner.ford.com when finished sign out.
Run vehicle health report. Sign back into ford site. click on sync and see if you have a update, if you do have a update follow instructions on downloading file and unzipping it then transferring folder and any other file that was unzipped to usb.

1. Format "not quick format" a usb stick to fat32.
2. Transfer sync folder and files that unzipped to usb.
3. While vehicle is off insert usb stick into port.
4. Start vehicle and turn radio on.
5. Press Menu button, scroll to sync media, press ok.
6. Scroll to System settings, press ok.
7. Scroll to Advanced, press ok.
8. Scroll to Install Application, press ok, Installing Application will appear, this will not take long and will tell you when done and re-booting.. A word of advice,, WAIT 5minutes after reboot, don't turn car off don't touch anything or you can screw it up. After 5 minutes when re-boot is finished you can then remove usb.
9. Re-pair your phone.
10. Run another Vehicle Health Report, this will send updated info back to Ford and your all done.

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