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2010 Ford Taurus Transmission Filter Cleaning

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2010 Ford Taurus Transmission Filter Cleaning

Post by gary56 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:48 am

i have a 2010 Taurus sho 53000 miles trying to find out info on the transmission. it's a sealed unit unable to change transmission filter. book recommends fluid change at 150k but that's to long. change it at 53000 oil was dirty. my question how do i clean the filter without tearing down the unit to replace it. and the research i have done on the ptu system fluid replacement should be done ever 20k. dose anyone have any ideas to my questions thanks

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Re: 2010 Ford Taurus Transmission Filter Cleaning

Post by Ron63 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:30 pm

Congratulations on seeing past the marketing hype put forth in the 150,000 mile transmission fluid replacement claim in the maintenance schedule. I have had my dealer do a transmission flush with their machine every 30,000 miles with great success. The filter is not replaceable or "cleanable" unless you take the transmission out of the car and split the case open. My understanding is that the filter is nothing more than a mesh screen that catches the larger particles. As long as you service the transmission fluid every 30K-50K, everything should be alright. It is important to use Mercon LV fluid ONLY! A characteristic of Mercon LV is to discolor and turn a brownish-red in a short time. This does not indicate a problem unless the fluid smells burnt or you can see metallic particles in the oil. Some folks like to do a fluid drain and refill three or four times. Unfortunately, this is time consuming, expensive, and you have to be able to get your hands on approx. 15 quarts of this sometimes hard to find fluid. To each his own. I prefer to have my dealer hook up his machine which changes ALL of the old fluid with fresh Mercon LV for around $150.00 and an hours worth my time. You should notice better shifting after changing the fluid.

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Re: 2010 Ford Taurus Transmission Filter Cleaning

Post by GhostRider » Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:01 am

Yep, I have the dealer do the flush as Ford recommends. No issues.
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