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Defective Rear Window Defroster

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Defective Rear Window Defroster

Post by klrsmith » Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:19 am

Here's a weird one.

45 minute drive to work yesterday morning. Parked at my office, and when exiting I smelled something that smelled similar to burnt brakes. Popped the hood and checked out the wheels and engine area. Nothing out of the ordinary, no smell detected outside the car, strongest was driver side rear seat.

Got about 30 feet away while heading inside I heard a loud (gunshot loud) bang. When I turned around my rear window was shattered - no holes just completely shattered. Once the glass repair guy showed up, he found that one of the 4 rear window defroster connections to the glass (lower passenger side) was melted and the piece of glass that was still attached was also melted. This apparently caused the window to shatter as it was 19F outside, and the glass got pretty hot. Says he'd seen that a couple times on F150 trucks as well...

You'd think there would have been a fuse that would have blown before anything got that hot. More importantly, I don't the rear window defroster, it was never turned on, and at the time the car was parked and turned off. $218 later, rear window is replaced and the defroster cables have not been reconnected.

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