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TSB List?

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TSB List?

Post by mact » Tue Aug 04, 2009 8:51 pm

I have an 04 Taurus with Duratech V6. 60,000 miles and missing on #3. And getting worse.

If it wasn't such a job I'd have pulled and swapped the plug by now...but I've seen enough mention of #3 missing that i suspect it is not a simple plug gone bad early.

Where can i find any applicable Ford TSBs without paying for the info? I've found plenty of sites that charge.

I also have an extended warranty from Ford good for another 60,000 miles (paid a bunch to get it).

If I see a TSB on this problem then I'll not worry so much taking the car in. But I simply can't afford even a small bill right now (I have other cars to drive in the meantime).

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