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doing the rear brakes yourself

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doing the rear brakes yourself

Post by JUSTFRED1 » Mon Aug 04, 2008 6:48 pm

i have been changing my own brakes for years. but, this car through me a curve. i want to say thank you to everyone that wrote about this subject on the rear brakes. this link solved my problem on the compressing of the calipers. that one of you posted! i owe you a beer!
it took about an hour and is easy to do yourself if your are inclined to do it. my tip is i used a crescent wrench to turn the piston while turning the screw on a big c clamp. it was cheap and easy no special tools. definitely a two hand job. i bought wagner ceramic pads about $41.95 here in florida. i did not go with the cheaply $24.95 ones because they are chinese made and more importantly they are the brakes! thanks again all!
05 500 SEL

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