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New Member, 2017 PIS

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New Member, 2017 PIS

Post by VCFP153 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 8:38 pm

Greetings to my fellow Tauriceptorists (Tauriceptarians?)!

Long-time emergency vehicle enthusiast, on-and-off EMS and Fire Support volunteer of over 20 years, but a relatively new (under a year) Police Interceptor owner here. Bought my first one, a 2017 Utility with just under 300 miles back in July of 2018 from Griffin Ford by Milwaukee. Wasn't planning on another one, except that chance came along. I had a 2017 Focus (my third Focus in a row), of which I was kind of growing tired. Thoughts of a replacement led to that other "almost new" Interceptor dealer, Jacky Jones Ford in Cleveland, GA, who advertised what has to be the most unusually-configured Interceptor I have ever seen since first becoming interested in this type of vehicles all the way back in 1991. In fact, I suspect this car may be 1 of 1, at least for 2017 model year. The option list makes no sense (almost like someone was randomly checking boxes), the car appears to have been ordered by Ford for their own internal use only to spend two years sitting at the World Headquarters Garage in Dearborn. By this past February 28th it had accumulated just over 200 miles. But enough talking, here are some pics and also a copy of the window sticker (if it uploads). If anyone can figure out the backstory on this unit, I would be very curious to hear it.

Looking forward to learning more on this forum, never thought I'd be a "Taurus Person", but here we are.


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