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new 2013 pi owner need some help.

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:50 am
by Saunders1986
Hey people, my name is Sam, you can call me noob :lol: happy to join your community!
purchased a 2013 last week for a little project, itching to get it on the road, im trying to repair the normal issues that these cars come with from auction.

i have been trying to get the rear windows to operate with the power window buttons in the rear, after doing some searching on here i read that there should be a connector on the drivers side under the door trim sill, i have removed all plastic trim from the front and rear, along with the b pillar and i do not see a connector anywhere unhooked, am i missing something? i tried to use the ford fleet link from a previous topic on how to disable the rear windows, but the link that was given no longer works. i also popped off the switches themselves to make sure they were plugged in correctly, and they are, they even light up when i turn on the headlights.

i also need to tackle some other repairs as well such as the rear door handles not opening from the inside, the cables have been let go from the handles from what i can tell, (unfortunately they didn't just use the child safety locks..) i also somehow need to get the rear seat sitting right, it dont seem to be fitting correctly into place, feels like its not going back far enough/ sits too high. also need to fix the holes in the roof and the hood has a large dent (looks like the hulk might of punched it)

thanks for any help guys. really appreciate your time and any help, look forward to sharing my build with you! keep an eye out for my little build topic soon.

Re: new 2013 pi owner need some help.

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:50 am
by Saunders1986
I actually found the plug for the windows.... I’m an idiot I’ll update with pictures for the next person who comes along.