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Temp. Gauge Erratic/No Heat/Check Engine Light

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Temp. Gauge Erratic/No Heat/Check Engine Light

Post by Alex » Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:18 pm

Hi Folks! I have a 97 Mercury sable with strange gauge/heat/engine lights problems. Here's the deal:

1. With the car running, sometimes the temperature gauge just sits on Cold. Other times it works and goes to normal running temperature. It never overheats or bounces around.

2. When I turn on the heat, and set it to blow on the windshield, my face or my feet, the hot air quickly fades. If the temp gauge reads "normal" when I turn on the heat, it will go down to Cold soon after.

3. Regardless of where the temp. gauge is, if I set the opening to "Vent", hot air pours into the car (so the heater core etc. must be working).

4. After about one week of this, the Check Engine Soon light came on.

Please help! I did change the thermostat about three months ago. And I had the radiator vaccuum flushed about two months ago.

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