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AWD Rear struts/shocks Auto Leveling

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AWD Rear struts/shocks Auto Leveling

Post by briggleman » Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:44 am

Long time between posts, now at 155,000 miles on my 2007 Five Hundred. First, best car I have ever owned in my 54 years of driving. Regular maintenance only.

Notice driver side rear was sitting a little lower than normal coming out of a store one day last week. I parked on a level surface and measured almost a inch and a half difference between sides. I called the dealer and that's when things always go downhill. I seem to know more than they do about this car. I figured with the mileage, that its time for new shocks/struts. They were not aware of the self-leveling struts on the rear of the AWD. They only had one part number for the rears. When they checked it out, they could find nothing wrong with the rear suspension. They did find the battery weak and needed new wiper blades and I do not have the time to do this stuff my self, so I let them replace the 6.5 year old battery and new wipers. My car had the surging at idle issue, so they flashed the computer and cleaned the throttle body. When I picked it up, indeed the suspension and ride height looked even. I measured at the dealership and indeed it was good.

Well its back to being un-even again. Maybe raising it on the hoist and lowering it reset the shock at the dealership..I don't know. The car does not bounce, ride is good.

First, does anyone know the part number for the auto-leveling shocks/struts in the rear for the AWD. I believe they were made by Sachs and are called Nivomats but I am sure there is a Motorcraft part number for these.

Second, should I even bother with this. I am going to keep the car until I break 200k then think about a Fusion AWD or a Subaru Impreza. If I do replace the shocks and struts I will do front and rear. That will be at least a $1,000 dollar maintenance item at the dealership. I will still have it done there because they let me watch the mechanic as the work is being done. I have done this, thank goodness, when they changed the fluid in the CVT. If I would not have been there, it would have been done wrong. The 2nd time they changed it, I thought they knew what to do, so I did not watch, just sent my wife in with the car.... they still attempted to hook up the flushing machine to it....... I laughed when I got the call that the fluid had sprayed all over the garage floor and soaked the mechanic. They finally got it right.

Anyway, love my car, ....any advice?
Brad in WV
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Re: AWD Rear struts/shocks Auto Leveling

Post by Luke.gallimore » Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:13 am

Yes I would definitely replace shocks

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