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1996 Taurus LX strange version with some mixed parts

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1996 Taurus LX strange version with some mixed parts

Post by Hipo1990 » Thu Jul 18, 2019 7:37 am

Hello I'm from Poland, I buyed a '96 Taurus this year in April. It's a quite strange version LX fully optioned with strange interior, it have: wood in door panels, ashtrays in rear doors, wooden tables in seats, black 3rd windows that are covered with plastic and built-in lights, panel in the roof with many lights and opening mirrors with dimmed lights (like in MB W140), and rear seat with built-in headrests. All those things looks very well assembled and made. The previous owner says it's some kind of government version and nothing else. Does anyone know other version like this or brand that wich are making something like this or whatever?
Photos: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id ... 712&type=3
Besides this one is not original, it was original in blue color, the front bumper is from facelifted model, the sound system is from the Wagon model (Premium), the rear badge is Taurus Ghia (Australian export model) front fenders are with side turn signal (european export model), speedo with kmh/mph, under the AC there is a switch (probably from other Ford, and probably it was for rear fog light required in EU, probably because it's not working and I don't have that light)

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