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95 taurus wagon fob programming

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95 taurus wagon fob programming

Post by Nhyrum » Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:43 pm

Hello guys,

I have a 95 wagon GL. i recenly purchased a set of fobs(remote entry remotes) for it, i cant seem to figure out how to get them programmed. at forst i thought it was a 96, tried the turn the key on and off 5 ttimes, tried 8 times, nothing. looked a the door tag, made 5/95. so i look up the 95 method, which involves jumping some connector in the trunk. well nowhere had a picture of said connector, nor its exact location, other than the left rear of the vehicle, in the trunk. being i have a wagon, i assume its a bit different.

does ANYONE have a picture of said jumper terminal, preferaby in a wagon?

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