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Post by lost-95taurus » Sat Sep 04, 2010 8:11 pm

PLEASE HELP he is my issue my 95 taurus is stalling at differnt times , when its hot out ,or long drives ,.when this happens no spark ,let sit for some time will start ,other times i go back and pop the fuel safety switch in trunk then reset it ,and my work heres what i have done in the past year .replaced fuel pump ,fuel cutoff switch in trunk , in the last weeek ,. new coil ,new igniton contral moduel , the car is doing it agian .realy having a time with these issues .don't know what to do now ,. 3.8 auto trans ,egine code 4 . don't have any idea of what to do next .looking for help with this issuse .looking for all the help that i can get .its starting to get pricie .oh theres day it runs great no problems at all no stalling ,other days just a big problem thank you all new to post
1995 taurus 3.8 auto

look any clue could help ,someone has had this issue or know of this issue . I need to correct this .Its the wifes car and its needed for her work .So can any one please help with this ,it will make things better
guest I posted in wrong area my bad ,WHO CAN HELP :lol:

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Post by milehieagle » Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:58 pm

I'm unsure of what a code 4 is.

My first guess at your problem is either the cam position sensor or the crank position sensor. I've had this experiance with a few cars. Either one could be working intermitinly and cause a no spark situation. Both are used for timing purposes and if one fails, the PCM can't calculate timing and will not let the engine start - no spark. Either failure should trip a code though.

Your car may not have a cam postion sensor. Cam position sensors are typically only found on cars with overhead cams (called OHC or DOHC) and timing belts. Not sure which engine design the 3.8 is. The few Taurus's I've seen with the 3.0 are a conventional engine design with the cam directly above the crank and driven by a chain with no CPS. Yours should have at least a crank position sensor. If it fails, no spark. Failure should trip a Crank Position Sensor fail code if this is the case.

Could possibly be one of the other sensors too. I had this same problem once on a Dodge dynasty. It would randomly die, no spark like yours. Let it sit for anywhere from 5 mins to an hour and it would fire up. Hot, cold, long drive, short drive - didn't matter. Computer showed no codes either. Turned out the MAP sensor was going bad. When the MAP sensor would flip out, it would short and reset the PCM which would reset the codes. Took me a while to figure that one out! If your not getting any codes, start replacing sensors or take to a good shop and have them diagnose it.

Also check your wire harness under the hood along with the connections. Make sure your ground cable from the engine to the battery is good as well. Good luck

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Post by az.emt » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:07 am

At the risk of getting yelled at for resurrecting a dead thread, my 1995 Mercury Sable is doing the same thing. My parents bought the car in 1996 and I have recently purchased it from them for a work car. It would leave them sitting with this same thing. However, having driven it everyday for almost a year, I have nailed down some specifics. It only happens with the ambient (outside) temperature is hot (like 100 plus degrees out), after letting it set for 15 minutes to an hours it will restart and make it most of the way home, and there is almost always a gas smell that seems to come from the front passenger side of the vehicle. Does anyone have any ideas? It almost seems like it is 'vapor locking'.

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