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Windshield wiper drama

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Windshield wiper drama

Post by Jeney » Mon Jan 03, 2011 12:14 pm

So my wipers stopped working, luckily it was while I was driving in a rainstorm.

Anyway, once before I turned them on and they strained to make it across the windshield. Later, they worked. Then on the fateful and rainy day: Nothin'.

A friend of mine came over and tested the fuses. I guess this includes the circuit breaker that controls the wipers/turn signals. At any rate, he said it wasn't that. He suggested it was the switch assembly. I got a new one and it still didn't fix the problem.

Then I replaced the wiper motor and it still didn't fix the problem. I thought for sure it would be this, since the wipers were straining that one time.

At this point, having spent almost what the car is worth (Okay, $100), I am out of ideas. Maybe my friend was wrong and it is the circuit breaker? Could it be wiring? Although, I don't know how to check if it is that...

If you were me, only you knew stuff about this sort of thing, what would you check next? Advise?

1988 Taurus, 4 cyl.

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