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Re: Taurus X transmission woes. Any ideas?

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 3:50 pm
by MikeGlosta
I guess it is a matter of preference ( $$ ).

But there is one correction: You: I really think it's an electrical problem, strange how you can clear the code and it runs fine for a while without replacing anything."

I DID replace the OSS ( $500 ) AND then cleared the code when the problem reoccurred - and haven't had the problem popup in 600+ miles. I don't think the mechanic cleared the code when he brought it off the lift.

I agree with you: When the Taurus is running fine it is like driving a top of the line car. As it is a 2008 it is time to live with whatever keeps it running - simply can't afford to keep throwing money into this baby.

Re: Taurus X transmission woes. Any ideas?

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 8:41 pm
by BILLinVegas
Some posters have cleared the code without replacing OSS and/or TSS, and others have cleared the code after replacing.
I have to keep mine going, just bought it, and it only has 88k. Clean, rust-free Cali car with a complete service records on the Carfax.
If I found this forum before I bought it, I don't think I'd be driving it. I'm lucky to have a mechanic who is honest and reasonably priced.

Re: Taurus X transmission woes. Any ideas?

Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 5:30 am
by MikeGlosta
What have you had done to try to correct the problem? Are you continuing to drive it as is? I know the pickle you are in - I've wasted more money on car experiments than I care to admit. Although I've driven 600+ miles since fixing this problem ( new OSS and reset ) I still wonder how the motor will react after I shut it off to go into a coffee shop and start it again when I come out.

Another car I drive is the 2005 Chevy Impala with approximately 73K. As yet no major problems other than the expected wear, alignment etc. The Impala sits a lot lower to the ground but is very similar to the Taurus in comfort and space. I wouldn't hesitate to consider another one if needed. These are two very roomy and powerful full size sedans.

By the way: the Taurus gets 23-24 mpg on the highway as long as I keep it under 80 mph and 18 around town. The Impala a little less but still very satisfying to drive anywhere.

Stay in touch and let me know how you are making out with the Taurus X

Re: Taurus X transmission woes. Any ideas?

Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 7:19 pm
by BILLinVegas
Just the 6 coils and plugs, and reset the P0720 error code. It's been fine since, but then again it only did it to me once, and I have no idea how it behaved before I bought it. It may have never done it (doubtful!) or it may have happened every few days.
I have yet to take it on a long trip down the road, and am hesitant to do so. But I'll be trying it within the next few months. I have AAA, and I'll stay on the main roads for now. Living out West, everyplace you go on a trip is a few hundred miles away. And as far as MPG, speeds on US 15 are 80+ in many places. We'll see what I get.

Re: Taurus X transmission woes. Any ideas?

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 9:37 pm
by BILLinVegas
Nearly 2 months and 1200 miles, it hasn't done it again - YET. Not totally convinced it's cured, but daily driving to work every day, plus a 400 mile round trip to Utah with a full vehicle - lots of hills, 80+ MPH and it hasn't failed me.
I have other minor problems to fix, but nothing serious. I'll post if anything changes.

Re: Taurus X transmission woes. Any ideas?

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 9:18 am
by MikeGlosta
I'm up to about 800 miles since replacing the first replaced speed sensor that apparently was faulty. We'll see: like you I also have my suspicions - and not willing to put a lot more into this car. When it rides good its like driving right out of the showroom --

we'll see

Re: Taurus X transmission woes. Any ideas?

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 12:56 pm
by BILLinVegas
I have to replace the blend door actuator (passenger side, easy/cheap, will fix asap) and the control arm bushings before it "rides like new". I noticed some vibration over 70 mph on our trip. Its the passenger side bushing, so might as well replace both. But holding off on that repair while I run some more miles.
Keep us informed!

Re: Taurus X transmission woes. Any ideas?

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:44 am
by rdavidharris
Sure, you MIGHT be able to have this notorious issue resolved without great expense. Or you can drive the car fine without "making" the transmission act up. But if you truly drive it "normally," and accelerate normally, drive spirited at times (this car is quite quick), shift through the gears normally, go into Park Reverse Drive, even shift down into manual Low; oh, if yours really needs serious repair, you will likely experience these issues if you try hard enough. So, you kind of have to learn to deal with it - or just keep throwing parts and money at it, and hope it gets resolved (as they say, your "mileage may vary.)

Unless you possibly want to throw $3,000 at it with a FULL transmission rebuild, like I did (and I hated to have to do it.) Here is a trick for you, shift the car down into manual Low gear, then, shift into Reverse, Drive, manual Low, and see what happens. Talk about all hell breaking loose. That is when I truly knew that this transmission was in bad shape. Because otherwise, it would only show its face at random - or never. But if you shift it down into manual Low, you will see the truth (if the truth is to be seen.) And if you are fine with driving a car that could possibly leave you stranded out in the middle of nowhere, fine. Unfortunately, I am not down with that.

I painfully bit the bullet and took my 2008 Taurus X to a very trusted transmission shop in east Cobb / Marietta GA (Guardian Transmission) that has worked on many of my other cars. (I had done all of the common computer module resets, tune-up, battery check, fluid change, etc that many have tried on here.) And I already knew it was not going to be some cheap fix. When they fix things, they fix them right, and fix them once. They did a complete transmission rebuild, also replaced all of those sensors everyone speaks of, and while they were in there they replaced the flywheel, because it's right there, you might as well. They also replaced all of the engine and transmission torque mounts. (Entire job was repaired with all oem parts - because they don't monkey-around with most aftermarket parts when it comes to this sort of job)

Nope, the bill was not cheap. But I can tell you, this car drives as smooth and silky and powerful and quiet as anything I have ever owned in my 35 years of driving. I would have no reservation driving it all the way to Alaska (from Atlanta GA) now.

I barely even feel the transmission shift gears anymore. And the engine is as smooth as anything. I no longer have to baby the thing and hope to goodness nothing bad happens. These thoughts are no longer haunting my brain.

Yes, it's a crappy/expensive decision to make - and you MIGHT not have to go that far. But would you rather: keep a good car (especially if you like the car) and just fix it, and hold on to it because you like the car and you want to keep driving it. Or send it to the junkyard, because that's pretty much all these cars are worth now - especially if the transmission is needing major repair or replacement.

I really like this car (2008 Taurus X SEL) . No, it is not very sexy, it is not an SUV, it is a station wagon in glorified form. But I like its performance, I like how quiet it is, I like its spaciousness, I like its features, I like that you don't see many of them on the road. It has really nice performance, as well as good fuel mileage. So, if you REALLY want to resolve this issue permanently (if yours is in NEED of such), unfortunately, you have to take it to a very trusted transmission shop (I don't recommend the OE dealer,) and just have them do everything to it. Because if you are going to have a shop bust into the tranny, you (anyone reading this) are a potential fool to only do PART of the job. Is it worth the risk? Otherwise, just drive the car "carefully", and hope that it does not fail on you out in the middle of nowhere - when you least expect it.

My car was a dirty, filthy, neglected, banged-up mess when I bought it (for only $800) a couple of months ago. Engine ran excellently, but, I already knew it had transmission issues when I bought it. But it was plenty driveable. So I did for a little while. I have spent all this time making many trips to the junkyard to get new used parts, freshen up the look, and more, including: restored the roof rack, also restored black plastic trim around the body, installed new stereo speakers, replaced the radio with the factory OEM radio (used,) repaired the broken door parts, switches, HVAC actuators, I even removed all the seats, shampooed all of the carpet, also installed a Mercury Sable steering wheel that looks awesome, also, had the headlights polished, installed a very nice set of Ford Edge wheels and tires, got new nice oem-style floor mats, replaced all light bulbs in the instrument cluster, resolved "water" in the lower door moulding area after hard rain, replaced many interior parts that were either broken damaged or filthy, all air conditioning vent trim, floor center console vent and cupholder replaced, new windshield, replace the rear tailgate eyebrow, replaced the roof mounted radio antenna, replaced Ford logo on the front grille, even replaced the rusty spare tire with an almost new used one from junkyard (only $25), also did a full tune up, clean the crap out of the thing, installed a trailer hitch, replaced all window scrapers, all windshield wipers, restored the windshield wiper arms, repaired Park Assist error, resolved gas cap error, reset all modules, installed all new struts and springs, new hubs/bearings, new brakes and pads, and probably some other stuff I can't remember right now.

This car has grown on me though, and I really like it. I am very impressed with his performance. I am actually considering further IMPROVING performance of this car as well. ;) I think it would easily keep up with my former 2007 Ford Mustang GT that I thought was quite quick. I have a YouTube channel and one of my Facebook pages of many of the fixes and upgrades I have done if anyone is seeking tips, ideas, using ForScan, etc. ... 2935446311
Dave in Atlanta
2008 Taurus X SEL with 160,000 miles (November 2019)
I use the ForScan software all the time with this car. One of the best things ever.

Re: Taurus X transmission woes. Any ideas?

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 9:35 am
by rdavidharris
I know I tend to ramble, but I am into repairing things, and if I can help others with information, that is why I tend to ramble. I have other plans for this car. Including possibly, wood grain trim, a sufficient roof rack, maybe even a small bull bar on the front with fog lights. I've already mocked it all up on Photoshop.

I look at it this way, if I bought a new car, even a good used car and finance that, it will probably cost me between 5000 and 6000 per year to own. That's all well and good, but I've been doing that for the past 30 years, and I'm over it. So now I buy older cars that might need a little fixing, fix it up myself, then it is paid for sooner than later, sure I might have to use some credit card every now and then, but the car is paid off, I have the title, I can do whatever I want with it whenever I want. And it is more satisfying than just walking into some dealership and making some $450 a month payment (plus the necessity for full insurance coverage if the vehicle is financed. Not so with just some cheap $1,000 car that I fix up myself.) For something that every Tom Dick and Harry has in their driveway. Been there, done that... Call me crazy, but I like doing things a little different.l in my old age...

Re: Taurus X transmission woes. Any ideas?

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 9:44 am
by MikeGlosta
My car is a Taurus sedan, 2008 - not Taurus X

Had the speed sensor changed, which happens to be 'inside' the transmission, and the car runs fine.

Since you asked I will call you crazy, along with your possibly being a novelist. Like you, if there is any chance I could fix anything on my car I will try - but some things are impossible to get at, even for a superman like me. By the way I am a writer as well.

Re: Taurus X transmission woes. Any ideas?

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 9:49 am
by rdavidharris
What I have pleasantly found about this car, is it is quite easy to work on. And parts are relatively easy to get. Thanks to the fact there are Ford Lincoln and Mercury models that share similar parts to this car. And it is easier to work on that my previous 2007 Mustang GT was. Try to get to the HVAC actuators in that thing. Oh my goodness. Not fun. But the Taurus is much easier to work on, doing a tune-up is not very difficult, replacing interior parts, also not very difficult. If you can turn a wrench, or work a screwdriver, you can do most of the work on this car aside from maybe diving inside the engine or inside the transmission. Which I did none of those. I know when to let a professional handle certain tasks.

The Taurus sedan also shares many parts to the Taurus X. As does the Mercury Sable, and some Lincoln models as well.

Heck this car as grown on me so much that I'm already considering performance upgrades. Yes, crazy, I know. But when you are a single guy, with no children, no pets, nothing but Hobbies at your disposal, this is what you do with your free time. I work on things, I have several motorcycles, that I still work on and ride, I try to work on pretty much all of my own stuff if at all possible. Call it a hobby... I gain great satisfaction turning a piece of crap into gold. It is often a 'sickness'. But it's better than sitting on the couch all day watching TV doing nothing.

Re: Taurus X transmission woes. Any ideas?

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 6:20 pm
by elpetree
I have a 2008 taurus x with 175k miles. It was going into limp mode when i bought it so after reading forum tried a tuneup. Used all oem motorola cops. A little expensive but didnt want to have to re do the job. Of course to replace the back row you have to pull the intake manifold. Make sure to replace the intake manifold gasket. In my opinion, i think a leaky intake manifold gasket may be the issue causing the transmission codes and odd behavior as reported in this forum. I also sent the pcm off and it tested good. I have been driving regularly for a few months now with absolutely no issues.

The reason i think it may be the intake manifold gasket is my 2003 escalade (i know its not a ford) was going into limp mode frequently and throwing numerous codes and acting similar to the taurus. I replaced the intake manifold gasket and has run great for the last 3 years. In that case i tried the smoke test and spray test but did not expose the leaky gasket.

Im a newbie so thought this might help someone with the taurus x tranny issue