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Temperamental 2008 Taurus

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Temperamental 2008 Taurus

Post by Mandalikemlynn » Thu Jun 16, 2016 1:24 pm

I have an 08 taurus , and I love it . But it's tempermental . When I first got my car in November after a week I tried to show the dealership that it would shift hard sometimes but it was so random and unexpected I could never get it to work at the times I needed it to and some rebooting to my transmission seemed to do the trick .. but as of a few days ago after driving about 30 miles fine I shut my car off just to turn it on and it would clunk and jerk when trying to change from park ,even the shifter would move and it would drive but with little to no acceleration as if it was out of gear.. at that point I realized I had little to no transmission fluid , after filling it up it has driven fine for days until I drove an hour away from home where it stranded me acting the same way reading ( ---- miles to e ) on the dash all while having half a tank of gas . After I turned it off for an hour or so it started back up just fine without any loss of transmission fluid . It's frustrating never knowing if your going to get stuck but drives virtually normal ( to my knowledge ) all the rest of the time . I've looked up so many forums on this . Does the battery need unplugged ? Obviously I'm not supposed to be low on fluid ever . But do I need a flush ? Is it the cat converter ? Is my tranny going out ? Could it be a computer problem ? I hate feeling clueless . I really love my car but am very flustered I've been telling my hometown dealership for months there was going to be a problem with no assist from them before my warranty ended . Would like some insight before I go to a shop and they charge me all my savings .. lol

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Re: Temperamental 2008 Taurus

Post by dmunson » Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:03 pm

Flush the transmission every 30,000 miles. The fluid is a bit different than the ford normal so make sure it's the right stuff.

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